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Darryl Lenox

Darryl Lenox

I don’t know that anyone loves comedy more than I do…

The first time I ever stepped into a Comedy Club was to perform at an open mic.  It was The Comedy Underground in Seattle, Washington and I saw a women bomb horribly.  I told myself “No one in this room can beat me playing basketball, so I don’t care if I bomb.”  I didn’t.  I told a made up story about a scene in a movie called Betrayed and I got invited to audition for the Seattle Comedy Competition the very next night.  That was in October 1989.  My, “amour fou” with stand-up has gotten me ran out of Seattle, L.A. and the whole country of Canada.  Kicked off a USO tour, fired, Booed and told by a cruise director that I was, “Horrible…not funny in any way or shape.”  If comedy was a woman who rejected me that much only hell and My Space would have room for the stalker I’d become.  My soul want to have an impact on humanity and my mind and body have chosen stand up as it’s vehicle.

I’m sure all the trouble I have gotten myself in is because I have such an irrational love affair with the game.  If choosing between rent and an un-guaranteed chance at being booked in better clubs; well let’s say I’d have been homeless a couple times.  I have studied comedy so much and have learned from some of the best comics working today. I have always said if it costs money to work with somebody you can learn from, take the financial hit and get an education.

Every time I have been devastated by life, the industry or my own bad decisions; the mic has been there for me.  More than any woman I have ever loved or any friend I have ever known; it understands my shortcomings and accepts them.  As much as I love my family they could never take me to Africa, mic has.  So when people begin to talk about who is the best comic and who has what deal for how much money and who has sitcoms and movie deals, I am calm because I know all of that stuff will work itself out.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love and do fully intend to achieve all those things, however, I understand that as soon as my focus shifts from the love of creating to how can I get a deal and a show my work will become desperate and not the love it has always been. 

Sam Norton

Sam Norton

Sam Norton is a comedian, and the color purple has nothing to do with what you’re about to read. Neither does Bryce Sanders. But we are talking about greatness here. And what great thing has ever been purple? Using a comedy style that’s been described as fearless, innovative, and more than just a little quirky. Sam covers the hard hitting topics like oysters, the alphabet, and the psychology of trees. Although born in Wichita Kansas, Sam’s impromptu move to Kansas City in 2006, allowed him to develop his comedic styling’s in the city’s burgeoning scene. Two years and several note books later, this polychromatic jester has concocted a brilliant set list worthy of emcee and feature work. With performances across the Midwest from Looney Bins down South to Improvs up North. Always ready for a stage to captivate and distort, Sam has made it a point to leave his unique mark (quite literally) on every stage he delights, in the form of a puddle of confetti. And if those words don’t impress you… well at least he’s not purple!

Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey

It was a time of giants. It was a time of kings. From the east came a rumbling like the heavy roll of thunder, like ten thousand babies crying, like the disappointment sigh of a million mothers. Like the snore of so many sleeping fathers. It was the sound of the cruel giggle of so many sexually disinterested women, and the soft lonely crying of one chubby man. It was a sound of anger, frustration, and insecurity. And it was a funny sound. It was the sound of Ryan Casey.

Ryan Casey has been turning his pain into other people’s laughter ever since his therapist fired him 9 years ago. Saving money and time by unloading on his friends or anyone who dared to drink whiskey with him. He has found in the past three years that even more people can be reached through advances in microphone technology and stage elevation. He is a regular at The Comedy Club on State in Madison, opening recently for such awesome people as Ted Alexandro, Myq Kaplan, and Costaki Economopolis.

Ryan has been seen on Cable Access at 3 in the morning creeping out the drunk kids. He is one of the four horsemen of Madison underground comedy known as The Isthmians of Comedy, as seen and read about in The Onion A.V. Club. Ryan Casey along with Nick Hart, David Leon, and Stefan Davis, host packed monthly comedy shows in conveniently modest rooms in Madison and they also tour the many open mics of the greater Midwest when they can get Stefan to drive. He’s well liked by his friends. His mom says he has great hair. Some girls like a guy with a teddy bear shape. It was a time of giants. It was the time of Ryan Casey…

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