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Michael Somerville

Michael Somerville

Michael tried standup comedy on a dare while a student at the University of Notre Dame. He was soon emceeing Fighting Irish pep rallies and growing 70's style sideburns to do extra work in "Rudy". Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and took a job in advertising but, when his neck became irritated from shaving every day, he retired to pursue comedy full time. His first job was dancing in a pink bear suit at Bar Mitvahs and he was hooked.

Since then Somerville has carved a unique niche in entertainment. He is the writer/host of FLN’s “Wingman”, authors Glamour Magazine’s renowned dating column “Jake: A Man’s Opinion” and is a nationally touring standup comedian. He’s appeared on Comedy Central, NBC’s The Apprentice, VH1 (40 Greatest Pranks, Craziest Concert Moments, 100 Most Wanted Bodies), Bravo’s 100 Funniest Movies and hosted Starz’s Stand Up or Shut Up, Nick at Night’s Road Crew and Encore’s “What Guys Want”. Michael’s debut CD, “Welcome to Somerville” plays in regular rotation on satellite radio and his web series “Love, Somerville” has received over one million views worldwide. He’s been quoted in numerous publications from Time Magazine to Maxim and was named one of “10 Hottest NYC Comics to Watch” by Improper Magazine.

In his free time, Michael likes sleeping late and fettuccini, and loathes the sound of honking horns. While generally convivial, he is most fun after coffee.

Paul Strickland

Paul StricklandPaul Strickland is a writer and performer.

Cranky every second but loving every minute of it, Paul is generally unimpressed with the world around him, but knows that if you look at anything long enough, you can find something to appreciate in it. †††

Paul has been accused of being "seriously funny" but his work is best described as "funny seriously." †He is the lovable grumbler in everyone's life, but he's rather good at it, which is why they charge admission. †He is not the "funny guy at the office." †He is the guy who makes fun of the "funny guy at the office" because that guy gave himself that title and everybody knows it.

Paul is passionate about his writing and performing. "I firmly believe that making people laugh at themselves and their world is a good way to help them escape while, hopefully, gaining some perspective on what they're escaping from, and distracting them from the fact that I just took their money." †††

Eric Dersch

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