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Nathan Timmel

Nathan Timmel

When he was but six years old, Nathan conned his sweet little old grandmother into buying him a record album. The cover pictured a man picking his nose, and what's funnier to a six-year-old than boogers? The album was George Carlin's "Class Clown," and soon Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the "Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say On Television."

Thus began his comedy career.

Since those auspicious beginnings, Nathan has: performed at comedy clubs across the country, recorded several comedy CD's which receive regular airplay on both Sirius and XM satellite radio, and visited the nationally-syndicated Bob and Tom Show a couple times.

He has also become a world-traveler, having visited such countries as Iraq,
Afghanistan, Kuwait and Japan (to name a few) to perform for
American soldiers stationed far from home. Cutting past
partisan politics and getting down to matters we all
agree on is one of Nathan's many skills as a
wordsmith; though the media may try to
separate us as a people, Nathan is here
to unite all using one weapon:
the sound of laughter.

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Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Winner of Madison's Funniest Comic 2011!  The curious wit of Mike Schmidt has been sending audiences home happy since 2004. Prior to that, it was simply getting Mike sent home from schools and universities. Never preachy and never predictable, Mike is the perfect choice to entertain a comedy audience or to help hide a body.

Chris Lay

Chris Lay

"Both a gentleman and a scholar, as well as a liar and a thief, Chris Lay will take your heart into his hands and gently caress it. He once held a world record in the category of longest [finger]nails, but has since retired to a life of Comic Ribaldry. He may, in simpler times, have led a respectable life as a shoppekeep or cockswain, but in this Modern Age has seen fit to advance himself to the bourgeois position of farceur. This wit-smith plies his merry trade at the expense of few, for the entertainment of many. Laugh at him or with him. The choice is yours and yours alone." ~Chase Gordonv

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