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Willie Farrell

Willie Farrell

Say something in Italian… “Get in the Trunk!”

Willie Farrell, son of a gangster, has been taking out audiences all over the country for over 10 years. He’ll kill you with his rapid fire comebacks faster than a tommy gun on a stool pigeon rat. No one is safe from Willie’s razor sharp wit… he’s been know to make grown men weep.

Catch his act now because you never know when he may have to enter the witness relocation program.

DJ Dangler

Antonio Aguilar

Antonio Aguilar

Antonio Aguilar has performed at comedy festivals such as Laughfest, The Cleveland Comedy Festival and has opened for nationally touring headliners such as Bret Ernst, B.T., Vince Morris, Willie Farrell, Erin Foley, Erik Griffin, Mike Green and others. After moving to Madison, Wisconsin to pursue a liberal arts degree, or as he likes to call it, a customer service degree, Antonio decided he wanted to become a stand-up comedian. After watching him perform for the first time, his software programmer father told him to "be more like Chris Rock," to which he replied "be more like Bill Gates." Solid advice. Some people think he looks like Fez from That 70's Show. Some people think he looks like the woman that killed Selena. No wonder he drinks! 

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