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Broken Lizards Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan

Broken Lizards Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan

Kevin Heffernan

Best known as one of the five founding members of the Broken_Lizard_Comedy_Troupe (alongside director Jay_Chandrasekhar and fellow comedians Paul_Soter, Steve_Lemme, and Erik_Stolhanske), Kevin Heffernan came of age in West Haven, CT, attended the prestigious and exclusive Fairfield College Preparatory School in nearby Fairfield, and eventually enrolled in Colgate University, where he met Chandrasekhar and Co.; the bunch formed a collegiate comedy troupe called "Charred Goosebeak." Heffernan plays significant roles in the Lizard features, including 1996's Puddle_Cruiser, 2001's Super_Troopers, 2004's Club_Dread, and 2006's Beerfest. He maintained a moderately high profile in Super_Troopers, where he portrays the no-nonsense, by-the-book cop Farva, who makes an unsuccessful attempt to crack down the pot-smoking, prank-playing deadhead cops played by the other troupe members. Yet his prominence among his contemporaries increased quite a bit in Club_Dread, in which he played a character called Lars. Heffernan edited, co-produced, and co-wrote the script for Puddle, edited and co-wrote Troopers, and co-wrote Club_Dread and Beerfest. Like the other four members of the Lizard troupe, he also joined the ensemble cast of the poorly received (yet insanely lucrative) 2005 effort The Dukes of Hazzard, alongside Burt_Reynolds, Seann_William_Scott, Johnny_Knoxville, and Jessica_Simpson; Heffernan plays Sheev.

In addition to his Lizardian activities, Heffernan also co-wrote the script of Divine_Trash, the 1998 documentary on cinematic "gutter king" John_Waters, with director Steve_Yeager. Critics responded quite favorably; The New York Times' Stephen Holden referred to the piece as "a fine and fascinating biography."


Steve Lemme

Steve Lemme, the youngest member of the Broken_Lizard sketch comedy revue and filmmaking team Broken_Lizard, was born on November 13, 1973. Lemme attended Colgate University and became a member of the Beta Theta Phi fraternity, where he met Erik_Stolhanske, Jay_Chandrasekhar, Paul_Soter, and Kevin_Heffernan; the five formed a sketch comedy troupe called "Charred Goosebeak," and -- starting in 1991 -- performed off-off-Broadway, in Manhattan. They later changed their name to "Broken_Lizard." Lemme's involvement with Broken_Lizard extends to acting and co-writing the scripts, though not to producing, directing (à la Chandrasekhar), or editing (à la Heffernan). He plays Felix in Puddle_Cruiser, Mac in Super_Troopers, Juan in Club_Dread, Jimmy in The Dukes of Hazzard (not an "official" Lizard vehicle, though it stars the whole revue alongside its main stars and has Chandrasekhar as director), and Steve "Fink" Finkelstein in Beerfest. In an interview, Lemme types his Finkelstein character as "geeky." As the character with the most scientific knowledge about the physics and chemistry of beer, he's instantly identifiable in the film: the Poindexterish, half-bald member of the group with horn-rimmed glasses. Lemme also "served as point man" on one of Broken_Lizard's un-produced scripts. He described the premise to interviewer Daniel Robert Epstein as, "a fun thing that takes place in a restaurant. Essentially Mike_Tyson owns a seafood restaurant and we are the waiters in the place."


Jackson Jones

Jackson Jones

Not only is he currently the host of the morning show "Jackson and Ashley" on Q106, Jackson Jones is a hillbilly with a heart of gold. His fast paced comedy is taken from life experiences of dating strippers, being a father, and looking like a meth cook.  Originally from Indianapolis but now a madisonian, Jacksons charming souther accent and quick style of speaking reminds one of a deep voiced "Boomhauer".  His constant and uncontrollable narcissism and never ending desire for attention keeps him coming to the stage along with the fact that he doesn't know how to do anything else.  People who have seen Jackson Jones perform have been quoted as saying "I'm thirsty". "I like his hat".  "Tacos are a good idea". And "He's twice as funny as he is attractive".      

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