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Cy Amundson

Cy Amundson

Called “one of the most talented young comedians out there”
by Dylan Gadino of Punchline Magazine, and a winner of the
Rooftop Comedy's Silver Nail Award for up-and-coming
comedian, Cy Amundson is fast making a name for himself
in the world of comedy.

Cy has been heard on The Bob & Tom Show and has performed
at the Aspen Comedy Festival and the Great American Comedy Festival.

Hailed as "a distinctive talent who's already earning a national reputation on the strength
of his ace joke writing and loveably pushy stage persona" by Bryan Miller of City Pages, Cy brings an undeniable electricity to the stage.  He can be caught at clubs and colleges
across the country performing a show that is not to be missed.

Mike Cronin

Mike Cronin

Mike Cronin is a multi-faceted comedian. Along with doing his own stand up, he also does sketch comedy, short films and even some of his characters do stand up. In fact Mike Cronin has recently been voted as 2 of the Funniest People in Cincinnati. Some might say that in character, he seems more comfortable than when he is just himself. That may be because his own stand up delves into his own awkward life and how he deals with uncomfortable situations in a very comical way. Regardless, no matter which way you see Mike Cronin, you will enjoy it.

Ben San Del

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