Show May 23 - 25

Kevin Bozeman

Kevin Bozeman

I Kevin bozeman understands who I am as a person. I procrastinate, slightly unproductive and routinely disappoint friends and family who just happens to shine when giving a microphone. That's why I am a stand-up comic. I get to travel around the country and tell jokes, but most importantly I work an hour a day. Blessed with a smile for the ages and the wit to match, ridiculing the society in which we live in has never been so much fun. I have been seen on Comedy Central, CBS and NBC and released my 1st cd entitled "My first CD" and a DVD "Dropping Knowledge" but everyone that knows I should have done a lot more by now...The End!

Drew Michael

Drew Michael

Drew Michael is a Chicago comedian who focuses on life from a dark, cerebral point of view. His rumination on God, religion, Hitler, government, relationships, ex girlfriends, bestiality, pedophilia, life and death has – in addition to making people violently angry – prompted TimeOut Chicago to call him, ”Smart, funny and unabashedly crass.”

Drew is a founding member of the comedy collective, Comedians You Should Know, whose weekly showcase is the best independent stand-up show in the city. The Onion AV Club echoed that sentiment: ”The genuine quality of talent on display is unrivaled in Chicago.” The group also released a self-titled album last year that debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts. This year, Drew had the privilege of performing in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

Bryan Morris

Bryan Morris


Plain and simple, Bryan Morris is a charm machine. His natural and infectious energy immediately wins over audiences. He doesn’t rehash the standard joke sets, but rather tickles audiences’ brains (not literally) with original, clever material. As a stand up comedian, Bryan harnesses the quick wit and adaptability he honed as an improv comedy performer and teacher with Atlas Improv Company.

With Bryan behind the microphone, Audiences will leave laughing and wanting to buy that comedian a drink.

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