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Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz


Andrew Schulz likes laughs. Real, hard laughs.

With his straight-up stand-up, New York’s funny-boy is taking the comedy scene by storm, cracking up audiences across the world. Since his debut performance in California, Andrew has garnered media attention and a following of fans, being named one of the top five up-and-coming artists on Twitter.

His comedy is like a stiff drink: it hits you fast and hard, and leaves you slightly disoriented. “I like fucking with people’s sensibilities” Andrew says. “I articulate things that people aren’t putting together, things that people are aware of, but only subconsciously.”

A comedian, writer, and actor, Andrew stars in MTV2′s hit shows Guy Code and Hip Hop Squares. He recently released a Web Series that he created, wrote, produced and starred in called The Apartmentship. Andrew’s first appearance on MTV came as he ushered in 2011 alongside Whitney Cummings and the cast of Jersey Shore. His first TV appearance came as one of the hosts of the popular Music Choice show “Certified”. Andrew has collaborated on several TV pilots, including The Rewind, The Blog Report, and American Depravity. He wrote and performed in the web-series Rise of the Radio Show, and acted in Strangers in the Snow, a short film awarded best romantic comedy at the 2011 Mountain Film Festival.

For Andrew, comedy isn’t just a means of making people laugh, it’s also a way of questioning the world, of prying people’s values and desires. For him, humor is a point of connection, a universal language that allows him to talk to people. “I have something to say to the world, and laughter is my reward for those who listen.”

Growing up in New York City, Andrew was influenced by comedians like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Bernie Mac. “I didn’t know these guys wrote jokes, I just thought they were naturally funny all the time” he says. “They were the standard I set for myself. I aimed to be that funny all the time, even in everyday conversations with people.”

On stage, Andrew discusses gender issues and identity politics, dubbing what he calls “logical masculinism,” a brand of comedy that takes up the male experience from an informed and rational perspective: “We live in a confusing time, a time where masculinity and femininity are confused. I think there’s still room for difference. I don’t think being male should be offensive.”

And even if it were offensive, Andrew wouldn’t care. His comedy never aims to be politically correct. Instead, he takes up unlikely and taboo subjects, pushing back against so-called progressive, enlightened logic: “I’m a contrarian. I love taking the opposite side, just to argue. I will find truth in the unlikeliest argument, just to thwart the general consensus. I’ll question what someone believes just to see how strongly they believe it. It’s like pushing the tough guy. It’s my way of policing the world.”

After his initial performance, it was clear to Andrew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, “I knew that comedy was everything I wanted to do: I like attention, I like to argue, and I like saying ridiculous shit and backing it up. I just knew that I wanted to make people laugh.”

Andrew prides himself on the types of laughs he gets: “I don’t want you to laugh just because you think I’m clever, I want your laughter to surprise you. I like fucking with people. If I can get you to laugh, you may not agree with me, but at least I know you’re listening. At least I know the point is resonating.”

With his unique brand of humor, Andrew has established himself as a fixture in New York’s comedy circuit. He regularly performs at The Comedy Cellar, Eastville Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, The Laugh Lounge , New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and Caroline’s.

Andrew’s goals for the future—plain and simple: “I want to be the best stand-up comedian. Ever.”

Doug Stone

Doug Stone

In elementary school he once faked a learning disability for three months to get free candy, now Doug Stone entertains audiences throughout the United States and abroad. He is a favorite wherever he goes. Equipped with a joker’s grin and a skewed perspective of the world, he has witnessed firsthand the grim meat-hook reality of America’s war on bacon. He has rallied against the drunk-dialing establishment and he has bore witness to his own strengths and faults as a human being in a world full of oddities. His comedy is quite entertaining. Sometimes it inspires with insight into a mind that loves to overindulge a lust for life. What you’re left with; everything's funny and entertaining in this silly universe some of us still call home.

Simon Zais

Simon Zais

From child prodigy to homeless loser, Simon Zais has lived it all. But don’t let his boyish looks fool you—drawing life experiences from growing up in Minnesota, coming of age on both coasts, and becoming a man in the military—Simon is anything but the antiquated “modern day youth.” With his quick wit, original sense of humor and near sickening charm and charisma, he has managed to go from bottom the barrel to successful writer, radio personality and comedian. Simon’s ability to share his life experiences in a way that make audiences think twice and laugh even more, consistently makes him a crowd favorite.

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