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Saurin Choksi

Saurin Choksi

Saurin Choksi is a stand up comedian living in Chicago, IL. We asked him to describe his comedy in the third person. Here’s what he had to say…

*“I find him very charming. He says some things that are a little out there but he’s just so affable! I just laugh & laugh. His material covers all the hard-hitting topics of our day… race, sex, potbelly's sandwiches. It’s like he’s saying what I’m thinking. I wish he would do more material on his mother’s accent though.* Wait, who are we talking about again?”

Choksi is a co-producer of the Speak Easy Comedy show and one time understudy at The Second City Detroit. He loves college football, Game of Thrones, and monkeys (and dragons, and wolves).

Also, he’s real affable

Liza Treyger

Liza Treyger

Liza Treyger

Liza Treyger is a Chicago-bred standup comic who now resides in NYC. She really misses alleys, her favorite bartenders, and her Russian parents. Liza’s Half Hourand first album will be released by Comedy Central in August 2015. She recently performed at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and has appeared on Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central, Chelsea Lately and is a cast member on MTV2's Joking Off. She was thrilled to be a part of the New York Comedy Festival 2012 as one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch (where she got to watch shows and eat cake balls with two professional wrestlers!). Check out her super cool web series How Many Questions.

Matteo Lane

Matteo Lane is a New York-based comedian, originally from Chicago.  Before starting stand up, Matteo lived in Italy as an oil painter and Opera singer.  After realizing that he can’t become Maria Callas, Matteo began telling jokes to strangers in dark rooms.  Matteo has performed in the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, on Comedy Central and is a current cast member on MTV’s GirlCodeMTV2's GuyCode, and MTV2’s Joking Off.

Madisons Funniest Comic Competition Finals

Madisons Funniest Comic Competition Finals


1st Prize: $500, $100 gift card to The Comedy Club, Emcee spot a week of your choosing

 2nd Prize: $200, $50 gift card to The Comedy Club

3rd Prize: $100, $50 gift card to The Comedy Club


Preliminary 1 Wednesday, February 12th
Preliminary 2 Wednesday, February 19th
Round 1 Wednesday, February 26th
Round 2 Wednesday, March 5th
Round 3 Wednesday, March 12th
FINAL Thursday, March 13th

Judging Criteria:

Our panel of judges will follow these guidelines when judging your set. The panel will be announced closer to show dates. Judging will be based on 60% panel judging and 40% crowd judging. Each crowd member will be given one ballet at the beginning of the night to be turned in after all comics have performed.

Time- Comic came close to allotted time.
Stage Persona- Comedian has a strong stage presence and a unique style.
Creative Material- Origional
Crowd Reaction- Laughs, applause, etc.
Memorization of Lines- Jokes not forgotten or stumbled over, no notes on stage
Professionalism- Entering and exiting the stage, works the entire room, mentioning previous comic, head up projection of voice, etc.

Appropriate Material- Comedian avoids material that is dirty or offensive for the sake of getting an easy crown reaction.

New Material- All new material is expected each round execpt for the final round. 


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