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Brad Williams

Brad Williams

Brad Williams possesses something that everyone can agree is funny: a disability. Brad is a dwarf. He has appeared on numerous TV shows including Legit, Live at Gotham, the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mind Of Mencia, and Pitboss. Brad has also performed for the troops all over the world because soldiers think dwarfs are funny too.

Brad’s show is high energy. Robin Williams called him “Prozac with a head.” Brad’s ability to make humorous observations on disability, relationships, sex, and race are winning over audiences and proving that anyone can overcome their shortcomings.

Adam Quesnell

Adam Quesnell

Adam Quesnell is a comedian performing out of North-Western Minnesota-Easter ND. He went to school for a long time and got fancy artsy writing degrees...he works in software production so he can live and stuff.

Daniel Raderstrong
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