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Jared Logan

Jared Logan

The Short Version- In 2013, Jared appeared in his own half hour stand-up special on Comedy Central You can see him every week as a cast member on VH1’s Best Week Ever. He’s been featured on TBS's The Pete Holmes Show and Comedy Central's The Meltdown. He was a delegate for Comedy Central's Indecision 2012. Check out his web series Don't You Think on YouTube. Jared lives in New York but is originally from West Virginia. He belongs to one of the few mountain clans who did not handle snakes or make moonshine. 

The Long Version- My father was a coal miner in West Virginia. My father's father was also a coal miner. My mother's father was a coal miner, a farmer and a pentecostal preacher. This is all true! I grew up outside Morgantown, West Virginia on a road called Cassville Hollow. West Virginia is of course known for its scenic natural beauty in addition to its giant mountains of burning tires. As kids my brother and I spent a lot of time playing in the woods without adult supervision. This was extremely dangerous and we would often end up accidentally swallowing poison ivy or getting rocks lodged in our ears. This is how I gained the survival training which allows me to thrive in any environment (desert, rain forest, tundra, zero-gravity).

As a child my interests ran toward literature, theater, and drawing pictures of dragons and elves. These are the same interests I have now.

In school I was picked on mercilessly by boys with more athletic prowess than myself. Often they had unlikely redneck names that involved obscure pairings of initials; names like "W.P. Chedester" or "K.R. Coultrane." I was given the nickname "Big-head," not for my above-average intelligence but because I have an above-average size head.

At age 16 my family moved to Knoxville, TN, often called "The Cultural Mecca of The Appalachians." I am the only person who calls it that.

At 18 I was invited to attend The University of Memphis on full scholarship. I used the scholarship to pursue a major in theater, which is the educational equivalent of winning the lottery and spending all the money on dream-catchers and beanie babies.

After college I moved to Chicago where I finally tried my hand at stand-up comedy. I quickly ascertained that it was the greatest of the performance arts for several reasons-
1)  No props (unless you are Carrot-Top, whom I have nothing but utmost respect for)
2)  No costumes (though I sometimes wear a false moustache spirit-gummed to my face)
3)  No rehearsals (which leaves more time for sleeping, eating, then sleeping again)
5)  Free beer! (comedians are often given 'drink tickets' in lieu of pay early in their careers or currently in their careers)

In Chicago I gained some small notoriety as a comedian and about sixty lbs. When I landed a TV Spot on Comedy Central (the network that brought us Krod Mandoon!) I knew it was time to move on. In 2008 I moved to New York City where I was greeted by the populace with a resounding "Hey! I'm walkin' here!" and pushed unceremoniously into the gutter.

Today I am a working comedian of semi-national renown who is invited to bring my uniquely humorous perspective to locales as exotic as Bluffton, OH or Durango, CO. As an entertainer I am bi-coastal, which means I enjoy having sex on both the east and west coast. Preferably right there on the beach. I am loving the life of an itinerant artist and invite you to contact me if you would like me to perform at your daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Ben Moore is a standup comic performing out of The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana.

He currently features all across the country

Ali Clayton

Ali Clayton

Ali Clayton is a southern girl and proud of it!  After receiving a BA in theatre performance in 2008 she left her home state of NC to pursue her dreams of becoming a comedian.  She has been performing stand-up for five years and can been seen all around Chicago talking about her favorite things; her southern family, drinking in the shower, and being bi-sexual. 

Ali’s one-woman show “I’m Different, Not Dumb” has been featured at the NC Comedy Arts Fest, Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest and Chicago Women’s Funny Fest.  Recently the internationally renowned art blog Art F City mentioned “What Am I Looking At?”; an art review web series hosted by Ali.  Watch all the episodes here  She has been honored to be apart of TBS Just for Laughs Chicago for the past four years and to be named one of the 50 Hot Women in Comedy by 

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