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Rory Albanese

Rory Albanese

Rory Albanese is a multi-Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer and Writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He has been a key part of The Daily Show since 1999, including Co-Authoring "Earth The Book" with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers. Outside The Daily Show Rory is an accomplished stand-up comedian; he has toured the country with Lewis Black as well as on his own, entertained American troops in Afghanistan with the USO, was a featured performer on John Oliver's New York Comedy Show on Comedy Central and starred in his own Comedy Central half hour special in 2010. He spends his free time keeping the streets of New York City safe by employing the lost art of 'Vigilante Justice'.

Mike Cronin

Mike Cronin

Mike Cronin is a multi-faceted comedian. Along with doing his own stand up, he also does sketch comedy, short films and even some of his characters do stand up. In fact Mike Cronin has recently been voted as 2 of the Funniest People in Cincinnati. Some might say that in character, he seems more comfortable than when he is just himself. That may be because his own stand up delves into his own awkward life and how he deals with uncomfortable situations in a very comical way. Regardless, no matter which way you see Mike Cronin, you will enjoy it.

Collin Bullock

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